Faith-Based Services

What Is CPB Operational Consulting?

CPB Operational Consulting is a privately owned, local San Antonio business that exists to help small business, faith-based institutions, and families become the best, most efficient version of themselves. Our owner and primary consultant, Haley Bankey, is an expert in analyzing business practices and streamlining procedures in order to save time and money. For the past seven years, Haley has offered her talents at a growing and vibrant Christian church and school.

Why Hire CPB Operational Consulting?

Services offered to faith-based businesses and non-profits are typically handled on a per-project basis, and each project is unique in both structure and price. By hiring an outside consultant you will be bringing in fresh eyes to your businesses situation. CPB Operational Consulting takes time to learn who you are as a business, helps you evaluate your most pressing needs, and then creates and implements much of the change process alongside your business' leadership. Engaging a consultant will gain you more time to grow your organization, streamline your budget, and allow you to focus on your core mission. 

What Does CPB Offer for Faith-Based Organizations?

Here are a few of the many services offered by CPB Operational Consulting:

  • Website Review and Creation
  • Stewardship and Giving Planning
  • Membership and Database Management
  • Project and Change Managment
  • Staff and Leadership Retreats and Training
  • Budget and Vendor Reviews
  • ...and more!

Use the contact form below to see how CPB Operational Consulting can free your organization to focus on its mission.